The Music Foundation India

      Guru Arun Debnath   and   Dr. Sanghamitra Acharya


To perform as Soloists and Jugalbandi in the genre of Indian classical vocal music.

To seek opportunities to work in partnerships for integrating music as part of our daily lifestyles.

To promote Indian Classical Music throughout the world as Teachers, Project leaders ,Artistic Directors and Resource Persons.

To conduct  Concerts, Workshops, Lec dems, Master Classes and Residencies.

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A  Guru-Shishyaa  Vocal Trio



Guru Arun Debnath

 Dr. Sanghamitra Acharya




 FAQS  about  The Music Foundation

Training is provided specially  in Vocal music .

Training is only on one to one basis.

By using simple raagas / talas.. the learners are given an insight  into the  rich tradition of Indian Classical Music.

They learn basic  creativity and a strong foundation of music is laid. Learners are  trained in the Guru-shishya parampara . There is  practical  learning …no pressure of exams .. relaxed  pace and stress is laid on performance.

Modules are both for those who want to take up music as a serious vocation in life as well as those who want to keep it is as a serious hobby, alongside their main vocations.

Voice training , modulation, imagination and creativity  are inculcated  by the experienced Gurus. Interaction with music students of different nations and cultures adds to the musical view and  global experience.






Important Announcements


Online teaching of Classical music is now available at TMFI.

Teaching online has started at THE MUSIC FOUNDATION INDIA.

Please leave a message through this website or call us at 09818614423,to get our skype id. and other details.

Alternatively send us a mail at  mentioning your requirements and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Baithaks / Informal music performances

Regular baithaks are now a part of the activities of The Foundation. Students sing , play and organize these events . The Gurus and guest Artistes perform / interact with the learners. 

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